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I hope that what my students say will inspire you...

I was thinking about what I said to you yesterday about feeling uplifted after all your classes. Whilst I feel more energised after the Saturday morning class and more like I've had a really good stretch or nice massage feel after your sun afternoon or weds evening classes, after all of them I feel like it's been good for my soul. Always feel loads better after doing your classes and like everything's right with the world again. And it's that which makes me feel uplifted, so thank you. 


I wanted to thank you. My husband suffers from Insomnia. Last week, when I went home he was wide awake and couldn't get to sleep, so I taught him what you taught us that night, and he went straight to sleep! We both had a really good night's sleep, so thank you so much!


It was lovely to see you this evening, and such a wonderful class - I got so much from it, so thank you...Thank you again for tonight - it was brilliant! It made me feel so much stronger and much more positive about everything.


I wanted to thank you for another great class and for being a fab teacher ;) My family and I had some devastating news last week and I've found great comfort in practicing what you have taught me and in your class tonight. There are difficult times ahead for me and knowing I've got yoga helps me feel stronger. What you do makes a real difference to people's lives :)


Tori is among the best yoga teachers I have met - her gentle and conscientious teaching style mean her classes have become one of the highlights of my week!


I have been practising yoga for nearly 10 years, and Tori's classes are some of the best I have attended. She teaches with an excellent eye for detail and subtlety - I am now working on postures I never thought I would be able to achieve!


I wasn't too sure what to expect at first. I had some doubts that it would just be vaguely hippie nonsense. But I find that just five minutes of yoga's a great way to get my thoughts together and help me to concentrate for long periods. It's a good way to keep me fit and flexible withough the pulls and strains of high impact exercise. So I have no hesitation and no embarrassment in recommending it to anyone. And after an extended sessions it's like you've taken a mild upper without all the nasty after effects ;-) 


"Just to say that your class yesterday was a very refreshing and enjoyable experience!"


Before starting yoga with Tori, I suffered with very poor posture resulting in 8 years of neck, shoulder and back pain. This pain was like constant toothache. Within the 8 years, I saw a physio and sports therapists, who eased my condition for up to a month at a time, but then the condition would return. I joined Tori's yoga classes in 2011 with the hope of becoming more flexible, within weeks of joining, I found my shoulder, neck and back were free of pain and I felt more free within my body than I can remember. 

Yoga with Tori has given me a pain free body, which has enable me to be more focused in  other areas of my life and feeling happier with myself. I would strongly recommend Yoga with Tori. Tori is very knowledgeable, warm and supportive and the classes are fun.


I'm very blessed to be taught yoga by such a lovely teacher... I am more calm, better rested and often more confident around other people as a result of doing the course.


It really sets me up in a good frame of mind for the rest of the week. I have tried many teachers, but was really inspired and learnt the most with Tori. Thanks


It has helped me to be more gentle with myself emotionally and physically...


Overall, yoga, with a lovely, sensitive tutor is the positive change that my life's been crying out for :-)


Tori, I think you are great, you are a real inspiration to me and the patients and staff alike. Your consistent approach and calmness is greatly appreciated. Thank you


A very well taught, well organised course that has improved the quality of my sleeping. As a result of the course I am far more aware of my breathing at bed time. PS and I can nearly touch my toes!


Thank you with all of my heart for your unique support and guidance since I joined your course. Being able to commit myself to something so  positive on a weekly basis is a big thing for me and your kindess and sensitivity has helped me to do that. I now have a reason to feel proud of myself, for the first time in a long time, as your classes have given me so much. I just wanted to say thank you for helping me to make that positive change to my life.


Just wanted to thank you again for the yoga class. It was really nice to see how you genuinely enjoy teaching and the pleasure you get from sharing your knowledge with others - your passion for yoga is very infectious. I left feeling very relaxed and happy and I'm looking forward to next week.


I just wanted to say that I very much enjoyed your yoga classes. Considering how nervous I was starting and how lacking in confidence I felt, I'd like to thank you for putting me at ease through your welcoming style of teaching. I'm going to miss the class but feel  that I'll practice some kind of yoga (in some shape or form!) for the long term now.


I have felt a lot more positive and less anxious.




I really enjoy your teaching style - it is gentle, very thorough, encouraging and always sympathetic.


I thoroughly enjoyed the course - you made everyone feel welcome!


The biggest change for me is learning what my body is capable of - small steps each week have made a significant difference to my strength and flexibility.


Just thought I'd pass on some feedback from J, who you may remember came to yoga with a bad back. She found the session was excellent, particularly the relaxation with the ball under the hips, which her physio suspects released a trapped/pinched nerve, which was causing her discomfort so she was able to move much more easily afterwards. J went on to say she really enjoys the way you change what we do whilst still including lots of stretches, particularly of the back, which is very useful for people who spend a lot of time at desks working on PCs


Thank you so much for your instruction and wonderful, calm, kind manner of teaching, which made it a joy to be there. My back thanks you as well.


Thanks again for the fabulous class yesterday, I really enjoyed it! I won't be able to make it today, but I definitely plan to be a regular at your class. Hopefully my flexibility will return soon. I've been feeling quite low since my race, but have felt really happy and uplifted since the class yesterday.  


I have really enjoyed the course. I wish  I had done it years ago. It's made me feel more positive.


Great class, lovely teacher. Thank you. 


Thank you, this course came along at a very difficult time for me and it's helped me cope brilliantly. Also the fact my back is almost normal is a big bonus!


I've really enjoyed this course. It's been very approachable and I would highly recommend this to other beginners. Thank you for a lovely course

It was lovely to see you this evening, and such a wonderful class - I got so much from it, so thank you. I am so sorry for not replying to your email, the past few weeks have been a bit of a whirlwind of hospitals and dissertation. It was so kind of you to reply in such detail, and I have found it all extremely helpful. I have contacted Sharon and am looking forward to hearing from her.

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