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So why 'Yoga for Bikers?'


It all came about at a weekend bike event, where I was listening to other riders talking about their aches and pains, their dodgy shoulders, knees, bad backs, how camping always made them achey, and I kept thinking quietly to myself 'yoga would help that'. So I went to the event organisers and asked if I could run an impromptu session. Lots of people attended  and it was well received - it seemed I'd struck a chord!

It seems to me that lots of people spend a lot of time and money making sure that their bikes are ready, but little attention on whether THEY are ready. Yoga for Bikers is aimed at redressing that balance.


I'm really pleased to see that since I first gave that first talk, over 15 years ago, that personal well-being, ergonomics and physical fitness have started to be included far more in events such as these.


There are many reasons why practising yoga can help people's riding:


  • improved attention
  • improved comfort
  • better able to ride more comfortably for longer (and therefore covering more distance)
  • quicker recovery from injury
  • reduced risk of injury in the first place
  • improved sleep, and therefore energy, attention and healing
  • improved ability to cope with pain and discomfort (for example following an accident)
  • feeling more at ease and able to to enjoy the ride more
  • improved strength
  • increased energy levels
  • and much more!

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